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Case Study of Wireless Networking for Small Business

Vol. 1, Issue.1, PP. 20-25, Sept. 2014


Keywords: Wireless Networking, Wireless Technology, Benefits & Features of Wireless Networks

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Mobile and wireless networks have undergone rapid changes and have seen an unprecedented growth during the last few years. Traditional ways of networking have changed to accommodate new lifestyles and newer ways of working. Wireless networks offer several advantages over fixed or wired networks through mobility, flexibility, ease of access, speed of deployment, and low cost. Flexibility of wireless networks facilitates rapid deployment. Finally, this paper identifies the benefits of wireless technology for small businesses and features of wireless networks.

    1. Rehan Jamil:  Nanjing University of Science & Technology, Nanjing, China,
    2. ch.rehan.jamil@gmail.comIrfan Jamil:  Kyushu University, Japan, Ismail: University of Sindh,  Jamshoro, Pakistan
    3. Naveed Ur Rehman: College of Information and Communication Engineering, Habin Engineering University, Harbin,  China,

Rehan Jamil Irfan Jamil Muhammad Ismail Naveed Ur Rehman

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