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Novel Application of Whale-Optimization-Algorithm Integrated with Local Search Deterministic Techniques to Solve Economic-Load-Dispatch-Problem with Valve-Point-Loading-Effect and Gaseous Emission


Vol. 7, Issue 09, PP. 312-317, September 2020


Keywords: Thermal Power Plant, Economic Load Dispatch, Economic Emission Dispatch, Whale Optimization Algorithm, Local Search Techniques, Valve Point Loading Effect

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Amidst the prevailing energy crisis have thus pulled the thermal power plants to come into strike inorder to overcome the aforementioned issue seriously have invited ecological problem in parallel and is swelling day by day. Economic load dispatch (ELD) and economic emission dispatch (EED) are the Bi-objective opposite natured functions to each other which are brought into a single function with the aid of scaling factor (SF) and price penalty factor (PPF) to overcome the contradictory natures of fuel cost and emission levels at the same instant while keeping the alternators in their rated constraints of inequality in terms of maximum and minimum power levels and power balance constarint as well as including/excluding the phenomena of valve point loading effects (VPLE). Thus both the functions are balanced at specific single point which not only cuts down the fossil fuel cost but also keeps in parallel the emission level of gaseous products at minimum. Hybridized optimization technique is proposed in this research that carries the capability to combine the nature inspired Whale optimization algorithm with the three specific local search techniques i-e interior point algorithm (IPA), sequential quadratic programming (SQP) and active set (AS) and have been applied on two test cases for cost effective solution.

  1. Hafeez ullah khan,, Department of Electrical Energy System Engineering, US-Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Energy (USPCAS-E), UET, Peshawar, Pakistan.

Hafeez ullah khan "Novel Application of Whale-Optimization-Algorithm Integrated with Local Search Deterministic Tec Vol. 7 Issue 09 PP. 312-317 September 2020.

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