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Polymer Composite Materials for Electromagnetic Waves Absorption

W. H. Nishani De Soyza, Alfadil Yousif, Junliang Liu

Vol. 11, Issue 04, PP. 61-104, April 2024


Keywords: Polymer Composites; Electromagnetic Waves Absorption; Electromagnetic Interference; Electromagnetic Waves Shielding

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Electromagnetic wave absorption materials play a vital role in the medical materials field. On the other hand, due to the various adverse effects on humans and other species by military applications and environmental factors, electromagnetic pollution management and interference of electromagnetic have received much attention recently. Specifically, EM-wave absorbers (EMWAs) could minimize the Radar Signature of Structures (RCS), hence decreasing the likelihood of radar detection. The interaction of electromagnetic (EM) waves of various sources can cause machine malfunction owing to data misinterpretation or accidental deletion. Because of the thickness and weight constraints, structural materials that are both light and strong, improved possibilities for electromagnetic absorption are required. In this work, the progression, characterization, and process technology of polymer composite materials used in EMI shielding or EM wave absorption applications were sought. Characterization of EM wave absorption potential was conducted using all the methods and theories. Single and multilayered combinations of surface-modified polymers, EM wave interaction features, and design ideas for efficient broadband EM wave absorption were studied. Polymer composite materials have been reviewed for the past 10 years in overseas and domestic(China) articles. To anticipate EM wave transmission, reflection, and therefore absorption, a computer-aided method has also been presented. Estimated results were verified and compared by reviewing process methods and material performance analysis.

  1. W. H. Nishani De Soyza,, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Yangzhou University, China.
  2. Alfadil Yousif,, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Yangzhou University, China.
  3. Junliang Liu,, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Yangzhou University, China.

W. H. Nishani De Soyza Alfadil Yousif Junliang Liu “Polymer Composite Materials for Electromagnetic Waves Absorption” International Vol. 11 Issue 04 PP. 61-104 April 2024.

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