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A New Method for Solving Dynamic Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problems Integrating Genetic Algorithm and Priority Rules

Vol. 1, Issue. 2, PP 26-31, Nov. 2014


Keywords: dynamic flexible job shop, priority rules, genetic algorithm, static

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Dynamic flexible job shop scheduling problems has been one of the important and strongly NP-hard problem of manufacturing systems for many years. Most of the proposed algorithms are based on priority rules; By using these rules, the arrived jobs go to a long queue of waited jobs and sometimes it takes a long time for a job to be processed. In this paper a new approach, integrating of priority rules and genetic algorithm is presented, by decomposition of a dynamic problem to smaller dynamic and static problems. A module converts the queue of dynamic jobs to static, and then a genetic algorithm has been used to improve some objective functions.

    1. M. Sanatizadeh: Imam Khomeini International University,
    2. M.A. Badamchizadeh : Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering , University of Tabriz, Iran,
    3. S. Khanmohammadi: Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering , University of Tabriz, Iran,
    4. D. Ashtiani Haghighi: University of Tabriz, Iran,


M. Sanatizadeh M.A. Badamchizadeh S. Khanmohammadi D. Ashtiani Haghighi

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