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A Review of Traffic-related Air Pollution

Mohsin Khan

Vol. 8, Issue 06, PP. 175-179, June 2021


Keywords: Traffic-related air pollution, AQI, Particulate Matter, NO2, SO2

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Traffic-related air pollution in urban areas is of growing concern as it worsens air quality which ultimately causes health problems. The exponential growth in urban traffic vehicles seriously deteriorate air quality as a result of higher fuel combustion products which disperse in the air. This review investigate and compile prominent researches conducted about traffic-related air pollution. The review found that traffic related air pollution is measured usually with Air Qaulity Index (AQI), which determines how much the concentration of a traffic air pollutant surpasses the satisfactory AQI category. The higher the value of AQI or the pollutant concentration, the worse the air quality. Each AQI category have its own implication to health and wealth of the people.

  1. Mohsin Khan,, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Engineering & Technology, Peshawar, Pakistan.

Mohsin Khan “A Review of Traffic-Related Air Pollution” International Journal of Engineering Works Vol. 8 Issue 06 PP. 175-179 June 2021

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