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Analysis and Monitoring of 500 KV Grid; Innovation in Power, Control, and Optimization, using ETAP Software

Vol. 6, Issue 12, PP. 448-452, December 2019


Keywords: Newton Raphson Technique, Voltage Profile, ETAP-Electrical Transient and Analyzer Program, Static Capacitor Banks, Distributed Generator

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In this research work, we have modeled and analyzed an existing 500 KV power station located at Shiekh Muhammadi, Peshawar in ETAP, using the actual real time data taken carefully for simulation in order to improve the voltage profile of the system using different techniques. It was revealed that voltage profiles of most of the buses are far below the nominal values with high losses causing considerable voltage drop at the bus. The optimization was very carefully performed by analyzing each simulation results in light of classical Newton Raphson technique in order to get the best possible optimized value without going through tedious iterations. Reactive power compensation using Static Capacitor Banks was used for voltage profile improvement of the power system. After performing optimization through above techniques, the voltages of all the buses including those with previously critical under voltage conditions, experienced boost in voltage to the nominal value with increased in real power supplied, thus improving the overall efficiency of the system.

  1. Roman Fazal, , Department of Electrical Engineering , University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar, Pakistan.

Roman Afzal Analysis and Monitoring of 500 KV Grid Innovation in Power Control and Optimization using ETAP Sof International Journal of Engineering Works Vol. 6 Issue 12 PP. 448-452 December 2019

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