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Analysis of Conventional and Microwave Assisted Technique for the Extraction of Concentrated Oils from Citrus Peel


Vol. 7, Issue 08, PP. 282-285, August 2020


Keywords: Citrus Peels essential oil, Hydro Distillation, Microwave Assisted Distillation, Solvent-Free Microwave Extraction

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Citrus peel belongs to orange and lemon plant that contains concentrated oils. Oil from citrus peel is widely used in foods, perfumes and pharmaceutical industry worldwide. In this study, the advantages of citrus concentrated oil extracted by conventional and novel techniques were studied. Microwave extraction techniques have come out as new alternatives to conventional techniques (hydro distillation) for extraction of oils. This paper reviews the novel separation technique with the conventional techniques in terms of extraction time, yields and energy. Extraction of oils with solvent free microwave extraction (SFME) was comparatively better in terms of extraction time that is 50 minutes while for microwave assisted hydro distillation (MAHD) is 60 minutes and for hydro distillation (HD) it is 3 hours. Yields percentage was almost same for the three processes that are 1.67%. Energy savings were greater in both MAD and SFME that is 0.4 kWh while in Hydro distillation it is 1.3 kWh. Overall MAD was better in performance than other techniques.

  1. Uzair Tariq,, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar, Pakistan.
  2. Syed Mustafa Shah,, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar, Pakistan.
  3. Mian Yahya Gul,, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar, Pakistan.

Uzair Tariq Syed Mustafa Shah Mian Yahya Gul Analysis of Conventional and Microwave Assisted Technique for the Extraction of Concentrated oils f International Journal of Engineering Works Vol. 7 Issue 08 PP. 282-285 August 2020

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