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Analyzing the Aviation Industry based on Impact of COVID-19 using HR Strategic Management Practices: A Case Study

Irfan Jamil, Muhammad Umer, Azhar Abbas, M. Mustafa Azeem, Rehan Jamil

Vol. 10, Issue 03, PP. 30-36, March 2023


Keywords: Analysis, COVID-19, Aviation Industry, Strategic Management, Practices

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One of the most significant case studies in the world market is the analysis of the strategic management techniques in aviation industry with COVID-19 crisis. Currently, the global community has been affected severely with the Coronavirus pandemic COVID-19. Aviation is one of the industries that has been hardest hit. A strategic management approach used in this study to investigate how COVID-19 challenged this sector. The airline sector operates in a very cutthroat environment. Its target market includes people from all over the country and the world with a variety of specialties. For the management to examine the decision-making process and stabilize the uncertain conditions brought on by the environment, strategic management practices are of utmost importance. Analysis of the economic and administrative repercussions of Covid-19, which disrupted travel plans and altered budget projections, has assumed a crucial role. By implementing conventional business procedures, strategic management makes a significant contribution to addressing the challenge. The paper highlights the best management approaches, which unquestionably address the crises and support the aviation industry and compares them to analogous prior crises.

  1. Irfan Jamil,, School of Management, USTC, China.
  2. Muhammad Umer,, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila, Pakistan.
  3. Azhar Abbas, , Department of Business Administration, Ghazi University, DG Khan, Pakistan.
  4. M. Mustafa Azeem,, Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering, Missouri University of Science and Technology, Rolla, MO 65409,, USA.
  5. Rehan Jamil ,, International Business Department, TBEA Xinjiang SunOasis Co., Ltd, China.

Irfan Jamil Muhammad Umer Azhar Abbas M. Mustafa Azeem Rehan Jamil Analyzing the Aviation Industry based on Impact of COVID-19 using HR Strategic Managem Vol. 10 Issue 03 PP. 30-36 March 2023.