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Comparasion of Different Configuration of Hybrid Electrical Power System – A Case Study of a Site in Peshawar


Keywords: Electricity, educational institute, loads shedding, HOMER software, net present cost, level zed cost of energy.

The instructions are this thesis is the cost analysis of different sources of electricity for an educational institute in Peshawar. The technical and cost analysis of different system is done for the case study so that a system could be recommended for the site which can fulfill the demand requirement by least net present cost. By using HOMER software load profile is created and cost analysis is done for a project life time of 15 years. Five different configurations is studied in this thesis for techno economic analysis of the system. These configurations are made by selected different combination of solar, generator, battery storage and diesel generator. HOMER software simulate these configuration find out a system which have least net present cost. By analysis of result obtain from different configuration a hybrid system consists of solar photo voltaic cells of 77 Kw, diesel generator of 50kva, a battery storage of 8 strings of 4 batteries can fulfill our need a least net present which is the recommended system to be install for our system. The system will have a net present cost of 24.6 million, level zed cost of energy is 29.04Rs.

  1. Raheemullah khan,, US Pakistan center for advance study in energy, university of engineering and technology Peshawar, Pakistan.