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Design and Performance Evaluation of Desktop Rod Electrode Discharge EDM Machine in Pure Water

Muhammad Saleem, Qiu Mingbo, Muhammad Aurangzeb

Vol. 8, Issue 05, PP. 149-161, May 2021


Keywords: WEDM, desktop machine, rod electrode, dielectric as water

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EDM wire cutting technology has an irreplaceable position in special processing with continuous development and improvement [1]. The current EDM machine tools on the market are almost large and medium-sized. It is easy to cause waste of resources when cutting small parts. In the case of special processing courses offered by many colleges, vocational and technical schools. The laboratory is equipped with industrial-grade electric discharge wire machines. it requires a lot of floor space. The cost of cutting machine tools is very and it is not convenient for unprofessional to understand its processing principles and actual processes, if we are not very careful and system failure may happen such as wire breakage or other problem and so on. In recent years, the equipment is moving in the direction of miniaturization. Desktop-level 3D printers, milling machines have already appeared, and the field of small wire-cut EDM machine tools is in a blank paper. In this context, this article proposes to design desktop-level WEDM on the basis of industrial-grade machine tools based on the use of Small-diameter rod-shaped electrodes cutting. The mechanical structure of desktop-level EDM machine tool is designed so that it can be used for cutting small workpieces and teaching demonstrations. Compared with industrial-grade machine tools, it also greatly reduces the energy consumption of cutting small samples. It is more convenient for EDM machine equipment and transportation and popularization in the laboratory. Important parts such as ball screws were checked, various supporting parts were self-designed and the machine tool motion control system was designed.

  1. Muhammad Saleem,, College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Yudao street, 210016 Nanjing, China.
  2. Qiu Mingbo ,, College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Yudao street, 210016 Nanjing, China.
  3. Muhammad Aurangzeb,, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, NCEPU, Beijing, China.

Muhammad Saleen Qiu Mingbo Muhammad Aurangzeb “Design and Performance Evaluation of Desktop Rod Electrode Discharge EDM Ma International Journal of Engineering Works Vol. 8 Issue 05 PP. 149-161 April 2021

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