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Economic Dispatch Solution for Generating Units through Optimization


Keywords: Optimization, ELD, GAM

The complex nature of the modern power system is because of the interconnection of the generating units and day by day increased load demand. The main purpose of the power system is to tantalize the load needs and generate reliable and cheap energy i.e. cost of generation should be optimum i.e. operating every generating unit in such a way to optimize the cost. The cost function of every generating unit is different from other generating unit, so load has to be divided among various generating units to obtain optimum generation. The optimization of power system is done by Economic load dispatch (ELD). ELD is of immense importance in power system operation and planning (PSOP). The primary purpose of ELD is to pacify the load needs at lowest cost while satiating all kind of equality and inequality constraints. Power system has highly non-linear input output characteristics because of different generation constraints. In ELD cost function of each and every generating unit is equated as quadratic function. Numerous methods have been devised to figure out ELD problem incorporating conventional methods like Lambda iteration method and Gradient method, and artificial intelligent method like Particle Swarm Optimization, Generic Algorithms etc. In this thesis optimization of generating units is done through General Algebraic Modelling System (GAMS). GAMS is a modelling system used for mathematical programming and optimization on a large scale. It helps to develop a mathematical model similar to their corresponding mathematical expression and gives more accurate results.

  1. Muhammad Nazeer,, Department of Electrical Energy System Engineering, US-Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Energy (US-PCASE), UET Peshawar, .