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Effect of Channel Doping Concentration on the Impact ionization of n-Channel Fully Depleted SOI MOSFET

Vol. 2, Issue 2, PP. 18-22, Feb. 2015


Keywords: Impact ionization, channel doping concentration, threshold voltage, transconductance

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Impact ionization in fully depleted (FD) Silicon On Insulator (SOI) n-Channel MOSFET is investigated as a function of the doping concentration. We have found that impact ionization increases with the decrease in the doping concentration and vice versa. Simulation results obtained from Sentaurus TCAD with the higher doping concentration can control the threshold voltage (Vth). Furthermore we have examined the effect of doping concentration on the transconductance (gm) and have observed that transconductance is inversely proportional of the doping concentration.

       Kaleem Ullah: CSSP University of Punjab Lahore Pakistan,

       Saira Riaz, CSSP University of Punjab Lahore Pakistan,

       M.Habib, CSSP University of Punjab Lahore Pakistan,

       F.Abbas, CSSP University of Punjab Lahore Pakistan,

       S.Naseem, CSSP University of Punjab Lahore Pakistan,

       I.Shah, CSSP University of Punjab Lahore Pakistan,

    A.Bukhtiar, , CSSP University of Punjab Lahore Pakista,   

K.Ullah S.Riaz M.Habib F.Abbas S.Naseem I.Shah A.Bukhtiar

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