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Designing, Fabrication, Testing and Evaluation of a Straight Bladed Darrius Type Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Vol. 7, Issue 01, PP. 74-79, January 2020


Keywords: Darrius, VAWT, HAWT, design

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Designing, fabrication, testing and evaluation of vertical axis straight bladed Darrius type wind turbine are done. Calculations are carried out for a specified load, then Darrius type wind turbine, having the capacity to drive that load is designed. The airfoils of turbine are symmetrical with good lift to drag ratio. Initially turbine with fixed blade is designed, fabricated and its performance evaluated in lab with real wind. Efficiency has been calculated by testing the turbine with and without load.

  1. Bilal Anwar, , Department of Renewable Energy Engineering, U.S.-Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Energy, University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar, Pakistan.

Bilal Anwar Designing Fabrication Testing and Performance Evaluation of a Straight Bladed Darrius Type Ver International Journal of Engineering Works Vol. 7 Issue 01 PP. 74-79 January 2020

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