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Existence Criteria and Hyers-Ulam Theorem for a Coupled P-Laplacian System of Fractional Differential Equations

Vol. 5, Issue 5, PP. 76-86, May 2018


Keywords: Fractional differential equations (FDEs), Hyer-Ulam stability (HUS), topological degree theory, existence and uniqueness of solutions (EUS)

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  • Dealing with high order coupled systems of FDEs through nonlinear p-Laplacian operator. We analyze existence, uniqueness & Hyer-Ulam stability (HUS) of the solutions by means of topological degree method. For this purpose, we transform the supposed problem into an integral system via Green�s function(s) and assume certain operator equivalent to the integral form of the problem. Then after, the results are proved with some necessary assumptions.


  1. Kiran Tabassum,, College of Science, Hohai University, 210098, Nanjing, P. R., China.
  2. Liu Xiangyang,, College of Science, Hohai University, 210098, Nanjing, P. R., China.
  3. Syed Furqan Rafique,, Department of Electrical Engineering, North China Electric Power University, Beijing, P.R., China.
  4. Irfan Jamil,, College of Energy and Electrical Engineering, Hohai University, 210098, Nanjing, P.R., China.

Kiran Tabassum Liu Xiangyang Syed Furqan Rafique Irfan Jamil

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