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Implementation of Energy Management System in Power Generation from Gas Processing Field of Pakistan Oil and Gas Sector

Bilal, Syed Zuhaib Ali Khan

Vol. 8, Issue 03, PP. 79-84, March 2021


Keywords: Energy Management System, Cost Savin, Oil and Gas Sector

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World energy demand is increasing day by day due to increase in population and economic growth. This increase in demand expands range of energy sources to renewable energy production, however, world still depends mostly on fossils fuels for its energy need. Reservoir of fossil fuels are being depleted and these energy sources needs to be utilized efficiently. To extract fossil fuels from reservoirs and convert them into useful form of energy for end users, oil & gas industry is working across the world. In this article, Pakistan  oil and gas processing field was considered for implementation of energy management system. It was found that two gas gensets are in continuous operation to keep running its process, but the energy demand of the field can be achieved by operating single genset. This can significantly reduce the operations and maintenance expenditure on site. It was observed that by implementing energy management system in the field, organization can save 80M PKR cost per year and reduce carbon emission to environment. Saving energy will achieve the goal of economic development, energy security and environmental protection.Furthermore, this study provides information about energy audit procedures and basic framework for Oil and Gas sector industries to look into cost saving and energy management practices. It is also recommended that organization shall develop strategies for implementation of energy management in all areas, energy benchmarks shall be developed, energy conservation awareness shall be created among the staff.

  1. Bilal Ahmad,, Department of Energy Management and Sustainability CAS-E UET Peshawar, Pakistan.
  2. Syed Zuhaib Ali Khan ,, Mechanical Engineering Department UET Peshawar, Pakistan.

Bilal Ahmad Syed Zuhaib Ali Khan “Implementation of Energy Management System in Power Generation From G International Journal of Engineering Works Vol. 8 Issue 03 PP. 79-84 February 2021

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