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Microgrid Demand-Side Management with Islanding Constraints based on Particle Swarm Optimization

Muhib Ullah, Dr. Amjad Ullah Khattak, Himayat Ullah Jan

Vol. 9, Issue 03, PP. 77-84, March 2022


Keywords: Demand-side management, Microgrid, Load shifting, Particle swarm optimization

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Demand Side Management (DSM) is the most important strategy in micro grids. It allows the consumers to consume power in a more controlled manner and also assist the power generation side to balance the demand gap between the consumption and the generation. In this way not only the reliability of the power system and micro grid is increased but also the operational cost of the system gets minimized. Conventionally DSM is system specialized and therefore uses specific techniques and energy conservation system. Moreover, the currently used systems can handle a limited number of controllable appliances and therefore has a limitation. This article present DSM with load shifting technique on micro grids and the strategy is applicable to a large number of appliances. The forecast-ed data is formulated in the form of a minimization problem and Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO), a heuristic algorithm is used to solve the problem. Three different consumption zone have been considered (residential, commercial, and industrial) having different appliance connected to the grid. In the end comparison of the proposed system is done with two other techniques from the literature, which shows that the proposed system has better load shifting technique and has reduced the cost more efficiently.

  1. Muhib Ullah, , Department of Electrical Engineering, UET Peshawar, Pakistan.
  2. Amjad Ullah Khattak, , Department of Electrical Engineering, UET Peshawar, Pakistan.
  3. Himayat Ullah, , Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, COMSATS , Pakistan.

Muhib Ullah Dr. Amjad Ullah Khattak Himayat Ullah Jan Microgrid Demand-Side Management based on Particle Swarm Optimization Technique International Journal of Engineering Works Vol. 9 Issue 03 PP. 77-84 March 2022.

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