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Restructuring in the Neighborhood of Guet Ndar-Senegal

Vol. 4, Issue 6, PP. 108-113, June 2017


Keywords: Restructure, development, decentralization, planification, infrastructure

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In the recent history, Guet Ndar development planning has caused problems of poverty, land use, housing and infrastructure in the cities, the scale and intensity of urban problems, which the developing countries in Africa, including Senegal, are phenomena that arise with much more acute. These problems are, to a large extent, population growth, the severe shortage and economic uncertainty of resources that can be devoted to investment, particularly for urban basic services, social housing and the development of the living environment. There is also the fact that, for a long time, the development strategies are focused on rural development in logic of most interventionist who came to independence. Unfortunately, in many cases, this approach to the development of the rural sector has not achieved the expected results and the urban centers were the first victims of poor performance. In Senegal, the government tried to restructure the habitat areas for years without achieving the objectives set. In Guet Ndar, for example, the population believes that it has not always been associated with projects on the neighborhood, which caused some rejection and failure. Today, in order to reclaim the space of Guet Ndar, it is imperative to be in collaboration with the population to restructure, to find spaces to rehouse the surplus population, to create basic infrastructures and to reorganize the fishing activity.

  1. Cheikh DIOP, , College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University, Shanghai, China, Senegal.

Cheikh DIOP

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