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Scheduling of Smart Home Appliances for Energy Management through various Optimization Algorithms

Abdul Muneeb, Amjad Ullah Khattak, Muhammad Israr, Ahmad Jamal

Vol. 8, Issue 11, PP. 267-271, November 2021


Keywords: Smart Meter, Advance Metering Infrastructure, Real-Time Pricing, Cuckoo Search and MVO

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Consumers regulate power use through two-way transmission between the source and the customer via Smart Meters, according to Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) (SM). Smart Grid helps to reduce power consumption expenses by utilising DSM. User latency, on the other hand, increases as a result of home appliance planning. This problem with scheduling is characterised as an optimization problem. Meta-heuristic algorithms have garnered a lot of attention in recent years as a technique to solve optimization problems. As a result, using the Cuckoo Search Algorithm and the Multi-universe Algorithm, we provide an effective technique in HEMS to address the appliances optimization problem (MVO). One smart home and a smart building are part of the proposed concept, which includes thirty smart homes. Suggested solutions are exceptionally efficient in terms of power usage and Peak to Average Ratio reduction (PAR). Aside from that, the suggested solution strikes the right balance between power expenses and user comfort. The Real-Time Pricing (RTP) signal is used to compute the power cost of a single smart dwelling or a smart building.

  1. Abdul Muneeb,, Department of Electrical Engineering and Technology Peshawar, Pakistan.
  2. Amjad Ullah Khattak,, Department of Electrical Engineering and Technology Peshawar, Pakistan.
  3. Muhammad Israr,, Department of Electrical Engineering and Technology Peshawar, Pakistan.
  4. Ahmad Jamal,, Department of Electrical Engineering and Technology Peshawar, Pakistan.

Abdul Muneeb Amjad Ullah Khattak Muhammad Israr Ahmad Jamal Scheduling of Smart Home Appliances for Energy Management through various Optimization International Journal of Engineering Works Vol. 8 Issue 11 PP. 267-271 November 2021

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