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Impact of Solar PV Integration on Short Circuit Current and Protection of Distribution System

Vol. 5, Issue 5, PP. 96-102, May 2018


Keywords: Photovoltics (PV), ETAP, IEEE13 Bus System, Protection system, Distributed generation (DG)

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Injection of solar power to current distribution system has provide many benefits such as power quality is improved, reliability is increased and peak demand is full filled. when a solar source is injected despite of it benefits it has some negative impact on protection system that in turn effect reliability and stability of system. injecting solar PV to system cause to increase fault current and severely effect protection system. We use IEEE 13 bus system for simulation with software ETAP.we inject solar PV on different buses and apply fault on different location. we compare the result of short circuit study of normal case and when PV is added. We also increase the penetration of PV and see it impact short circuit current . This comparison enables us to investigate impact of solar PV on short circuit current level and impact of this current on protection scheme and devices in this paper we will investgate  the impact of injecting solar power on fault current level of distribution system and study the consequent effect of this fault current on protection system and devices of long transmission line and line losses is also reduced so it encourages to generate electricity in local and supply the near by load rather than constructing a long transmission line.


  1. Umair Shahzad Khan, , US Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Energy (USPCASE) UET Peshawar, Pakistan.
  2. Dr. Muhammad Naeem Arbab, , US Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Energy (USPCASE) UET Peshawar, Pakistan.

Umair Shahzad Khan Dr. Muhammad Naeem Arbab

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