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The Reliability Analysis of PV Panels Installed in KP Region


Vol. 7, Issue 10, PP. 384-389, October 2020


Keywords: Matlab/Simulink, Irradiation, PV Module, Temperature

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Reliability and long term performance of photovoltaic (PV) system is of vital importance in switching from conventional sources to sustainable one. Design, study and analysis of key components in a photovoltaic power system starting from generation of power to withstands number of climatic stresses and uninterrupted power supply plays a key role. One of the key elements in photovoltaic system is photovoltaic module. Also power generated in photovoltaic system is dependent on a source of energy that changes in every instant and with the passage of time during its operation .Hence it is paramount to build a long lasting photovoltaic module and analyze characteristics of the PV module under various conditions. This paper presents an efficient PV module based on PV equivalent circuit model using MATLAB/Simulink, and compared the simulated model results with manufacturer’s specifications like peak current, peak voltage, open circuit voltage and short circuit current .Also the performance of the module under variation of series resistance, irradiation, and temperature are analyzed. Data from five different areas across KP are noted and the results were Simulated and compared with the rated data.

  1. Jawad Ahmad ,, EESE UET Peshawar, Pakistan.

Jawad Ahmad The Reliability Analysis of PV Panels Installed in KP Region International Journal of Engineering Works Vol. 7 Issue 10 PP. 384-389 October 2020

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