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Utilization of Unidirectional Links in AD-HOC Networks

Vol. 6, Issue 12, PP. 547-555, December 2019


Keywords: Unidirectional links, hidden links, RTS/CTS, hello, blacklisting, reverse path search, Dynamic source routing (DSR)

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In ad hoc network the unidirectional links and hidden node appear very frequently. There are few techniques that are used to avoid both unidirectional links and hidden nodes. Request to send/Clear to send (RTS/CTS) technique is used to avoid hidden link scenario and hello, blacklisting and reverse path search are used to avoid unidirectional links. In our research we opted for Dynamic source routing (DSR) which basically considers every route to be bidirectional, but as nodes moves frequently in ad hoc network these two problems occur. In the first part of the paper, we have implemented (RTS/CTS) and blacklisting techniques to avoid hidden links and unidirectional links to look into the improvement in the Dynamic source routing (DSR) by calculating certain parameters such as,   Throughput (packet delivery at sink), End-to-End Delay, Network load and Packet delivery ratio. Furthermore our thesis also look into the link failure recovery, as nodes are continuously moving while data transferring as well so the node can move away from each other in these cases so the link broke down between the source and destination nodes so to avoid this scenario We implemented a mechanism of route recovery to efficiently tackle this problem. The result shows that the improved Dynamic source routing (Improved DSR) has shown more stability and performs very good overall in every performance parameter.

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Naeem khan and Majid Ashraf Utilization of Unidirectional Links in AD-HOC Networks International Journal of Engineering Works Vol. 6 Issue 12 PP. 547-555 December 2019

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