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Indexing & Abstracting

When deciding which journal to submit to, the abstracting and indexing services should be taken into consideration.

If any link or source not working from the given below indexing references, Please contact us for the correct URLs. You may face inconvience to open some links becuase of our web URL has SSL security encription which only can identify those links associated with "hppts://" extenstion comand. This is secure communication over computer network widely used in term of secuity accordance with the Privacy Policy of our journal which maintained.

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  3. CORE
  4. EyeSource
  5. Budapest Open Access Initiative
  6. The Keeper Registry
  7. Thomson Reuters Research ID
  8. Polish Citation Database POL-index
  9. Library of Congress USA
  10. Harvard Library USA
  11. British Library, England
  12. MPG S. F.X- Services
  13. World Wide Science
  14. Research Bib
  15. Datacite
  16. Wikidot 
  17. State Library Neuburg an der Donau
  18. Berlin Scocial Science Center (WZB)
  19. Washington Research Library Consortium WRLC Catalog
  20. TIB Leibniz Information Center for Science and Technology University Library
  21. Libraries of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB)
  22. Kurt-Schwitters-Forum Library Online Catalogue
  23. Bavarian State Library (BSB)
  24. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Library
  25. The Deutsches Museum Library
  26. HBZ Verbund Databank
  27. ETH Zurich
  28. OPAC Database
  29. ULB Database 
  30. THULB Database 
  31. ORBIS Plus
  32. HTW Database Library 
  33. German Central Interal Library (BVB)
  34. German Union Catalogue of Serials (ZDB)
  35. Southwest German Library Association (SWB)
  36. Georgetown University Library, USA
  37. Princeton University Library, USA
  38. Augsburg University Library, USA
  39. HEBIS Portal Library, Germany
  40. GVK Database Germany
  41. HUC Database Germany
  42. KOBV Portal Database Germany 
  43. LIVIVO Search Portal Germany
  44. Regional Catalog Stock Germany
  45. UBBraunchweig Library Germany
  46. UB Greifswald Library Germany
  47. TIB Entire Stock Germany 
  48. The German National Library of Medicine (ZB MED)
  49. Library of the Wissenschaftspark Albert Einstein
  50. Staatliche Bibliothek Neuburg an der Donau
  51. Max Planck Digital Library
  52. Gateway Bayern 
  53. GEOMAR Library of Ocean Research Information Access
  54. Global Forum on Agriculture Research 
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  62. Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics
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  69. Library of Technical University of Munich
  70. Library of University Passau, Germany 
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